Beware the Bias

Career Change: Biased: We all carry around a head full of unconscious biases. That’s part of the deal of being human. Until they are gently raised to consciousness, they will continue to drive us in our decision-making. It is important that we are consciously choosing the lens through which we view our world. Social talent lists these as the main influences.


Our Perception – how we see people and perceive reality.

Our Attitude – how we react towards certain people.

Our Behaviours – how receptive/friendly we are towards certain people.

Our Attention – which aspects of a person we pay most attention to.

Our Listening Skills – how much we actively listen to what certain people say.

Our Micro-affirmations – how much or how little we comfort certain people in certain situations.


For example, I was looking at joining an organisation and there was a very clear statement on their site that said: “we have no gender bias in our organisation”. All good huh? Not in my gut it wasn’t. My gut tells me that we cannot help but replicate our external context in something we create. Our external context is gender biased, so, to have eliminated that bias within the business would be nothing short of miraculous. Ths is not specifically concerned with Gender-bias, It IS concerned with those biases which drive us unchecked.

Career Change: Biased

What this organisation is in actual fact is in denial. When a bias is pushed down into the subconscious then it cannot be worked with. When it loiters there below our knowing it holds huge power in our decision-making process without our knowledge or our permission.
Thus I had a choice. I can choose to not join them as there is an unconscious bias running riot, knowing why I don’t want to be part of it. Or, I can join knowing that I have work to do to address it as to leave that as it is doesn’t align with my values.
My choice. My consequences. My considered, informed choice.

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