Values-led Career Changes

Career change: Values-led. Who are you hanging out with at work? Do they walk the talk they are talking?  I am curious to know if it is possible to remain congruent and values-led in both work and business.

Career Change: values-led

The pressures on values are two-fold: Firstly, with cuts and financial squeezes as we swing away From The Crash of 2008 and towards the implications of Brexit, cash is tight. How can we do what we set out to do with fewer resources…? Conversely, success also seems to be a deal breaker with the values of a business. Too much success, too fast, and the original purpose seems to get jettisoned along the way.
Does business success have to be at the expense of values and the humans it contains? Do cuts and the external metrics of shifting paradigms need to be at the expense of vulnerable recipients or the passionate providers ???
There plainly needs to be a balance between the business metrics and the core values. A balance between “The What” and “The Why”. How is it that when “The What” either fails or succeeds, ‘The Why’ and ‘The How’ both get compromised?
I’m observing a local organisation being extremely successful right now. Profits are sky high, they are making a strong ethical stand in their sector, their employee benefits appear to be responsive and creative.
So what makes me think this is not a successful organisation? Because their staff turnover is high, and I mean REALLY high. Staff a leaking from the bottom and directors are being flown in and out at the top. Senior, loyal management are being moved from the areas the manage excellently, like chess pieces during a punitive game, to positions that they need to learn from scratch. Suddenly the organisation’s fast-paced, free-breakfast, annual bouncy-castle-party is looking cheap.
Sure, the boss is still way in profit, but, for an organisation to give itself a tick in the ethical box, it really does need to be honouring its people as well as its product.

Career change: Values-led

Do successful businesses have to be at the expense of their people and their cores values? And if they do, which I doubt, then how long can this success last? I have a feeling that I am about to witness the most glorious implosion…. & perhaps this will be their chance to build anew and with consideration. Or perhaps they will continue along their sociopathic-bent, and another, better, warmer and truer provider will systematically hoover up their business.
We shall see …
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