Career Alchemy

Career Coaching: Alchemy. Today I witnessed as a client worked their way through a tricky time in their life. By the end of the session, they had worked out that this tricky-bit had given them their gift. As painful as it was to see, it was so good to see this outcome.

I can say the same about my life. Being told my intuition did not exist when I was small is exactly what makes me receptive to all a Client brings me.
Having struggled to find My Career or My Thing for a long time is exactly what makes me empathise with those who are currently trapped in that loop. It’s also what makes me totally hopeful that a new, satisfying loop can be built. I did it. I have witnessed hundreds of people do it before my very eyes. Most, like me, didn’t believe it was possible.

Career Coaching: Alchemy

Our past wounds become our future strengths. If only we can allow ourselves to be guided a little. This way to make sense of them. Also to tip those experiences right on their heads.
I was always told I couldn’t write. I’m 65,000 words into my first book. I am planning my second. I have increased determination to get my message across because I was told that I couldn’t. I have a desire to express myself because I was led to believe that my opinion had little value.
The trick is to tip it, right on its head. We need to use the healing and gifts from from our wounds to enable others to navigate similar, better.

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