Career Coaching: An Apology

Career coaching: An Apology
The Career advice you probably didn’t get and The Career advice I definitely didn’t get was this
 “Listen to yourself”
I wonder if this resonates with you?
Growing up I was taught to listen to my parents and to listen to my teachers, to listen to my ‘careers advisor’ and even to listen to my peers…. In fact, I was taught to listen to everyone else’s opinion of what I needed to be doing for a living. Never once do I remember being encouraged to listen to what was happening on the inside, of me. After a series of psychometric testing and a short consultation at school, the careers advisor at my comprehensive came to the conclusion (when I was 13 years old) that the very best route for my career progression was to become “a teacher”.
That’s all very well but I don’t actually like children. Never have and prob never will like children (well, mine is ok!) so the idea of spending five days a week (& then some!) trapped in a classroom of 30 of the little buggers filled me with dread.

Career coaching: An Apology

And, STILL, I nodded at this career advice – I assumed that ‘they must be right as they must know what they were talking about. And besides, both my parents were teachers, so perhaps I’d grow into it. I didn’t. I still don’t like kids, even after 4 decades I don’t want to work in a school in any capacity… I had enough of school when I was mini because my mum was a headteacher – enough now! And so I don’t.
What I ADORE is enabling adults to hear their own answers. I can’t advise any of yous on what to do for a career. What I can do is hold space, nudge, witness, cajole and help you join the dots regarding what YOU already know you want to do – then we can work out what steps you need to take to make that happen
So, I am very sorry but I do not give career advice – I don’t actually have your answers … But YOU Do
Nothing is impossible once you have heard yourself and know what your goal is…
(Well, getting me to teach kids would be impossible…. But do you know what? That’s because I don’t really like them 🙂
If you want space to hear what it is that you want to do …
And, If you want some company, accountability, or wisdom on the way, do join me here at:
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I look forward to meeting you.

Rebecca x