Career Coaching: Ask!

Career Coaching: Ask! As a Northerner, I was brought up with the belief that ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. However, as a woman, I was raised to believe that I had to ‘be a good girl’ and to be wait to be invited. I have never known how to square that circle. I have veered between these two beliefs for decades. Now, the balance is tipping and it is really paying off!

A recovering client of mine challenged me (ironically EXACTLY as I would have challenged them!). She said “Congratulations on your business vision. Now, who is the person you most admire? Who you could ask to mentor you and who terrifies you to ask…??? Ha! Physician heal thyself!

So I did it, I asked. And bloody hell did I receive!!!
She said “thank you” and “I’m flattered…..
And, as I read that I fully expected the last line to say “but no thanks, I’m too busy / don’t like you / wouldn’t mentor you if you paid me… et al’
What she said instead was “I’d be honoured to mentor you but, only If we can work symbiotically. If I can use you a guineapig for XYZ then this totally works for me too”

Career Coaching: Ask!

And, her “XYZ” takes me into a completely new realm that I hadn’t even considered…. that’s SO far beyond my expectations or hopes, I’m gobsmacked. My response will be “Hell Yesssss”, because, if this works for both of us then why would we not! Here’s to being brave enough to ask – who knows what you will receive.
Ask: I Dare You!  

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