Do You Feel Seen?

Career Coaching: Do You Feel Seen? It’s been an extraordinary first quarter. There are so many new ethical, innovative, irreverent and, brilliant new enterprises being birthed……….. And, most of the work in getting to this point has been the inner work…

….. and, most of the work in getting to this point has been the inner work…
Clients are needing to strip back their beliefs about themselves and the world. They are having to set down their understanding of how it all works. They are having to undo a lifetime’s worth of programming in order to step into the leaders they were born to be….
And, who sees this inner work. Ostensibly, from the outside, there IS nothing to see as we free ourselves of the ‘stuff’ that’s getting in the way. There is no pay-rise, no appraisal, promotion (yet!). What there is, is a whole heap of deeply challenging work. All of this is done on trust that this will pay off in the end.
What sustains us on the way? That’s being witnessed in being courageous enough to show up and do the work with no guarantees… to keep showing up when there’s nothing to be seen. It’s surrounding yourself with others who know how this works and, who are likewise on this pathway to reimagining the world how it can be.

Career Coaching: Do You Feel Seen?

If we are to be truly innovative, then we have to resist feeding what already exists. Detaching, we can channel all our energies into the new solutions, and enterprises that are waiting to emerge. If you are a conduit, walking this innovative path with gut instinct and trust, gather your tribe around you to remind you that your efforts are worthwhile and have great value. Hold those who see things in you, that sometimes you can’t, close.
If you seek constructive witnessing as you courageously step out into the world with a new radical thing, book yourself in here:
This way you will be reminded of the value of the work that you are doing and the bright, shiny new-thing that is birthing for you. You don’t have to do this alone.

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