Career Coaching: Endings. I had a final Supervision session with a Practioner today. It was a good session where we celebrated all we had achieved together. She chose to bring the relationship to a close. I know deep down that we have completed an excellent cycle of work. We have parted company honestly and amicably.

I love that this is possible. Endings have been so triggering in the past. Mostly they have been deeply transformative. Why do we resist moving on to the next thing? Humans can be so change-resistant when sometimes it is so obvious this is not the thing that is needed. I have stayed in relationships nearly to the death (literally). I have stayed in jobs; they no longer fit me. I have stayed in the centre of cities that have been frightening when I have a deep need for green access.

When I look back, I can see SO many things that I would have benefited, leaving SO much earlier. This is not to beat myself up – there were valuable lessons in all of those things for me.

Career Coaching: Endings

However, if you find something new calling, perhaps it is time to hear that. There is one trick I will share with you. Don’t try and make these shifts on your own. Gather your team around you. Nobody can do it for you. However, having a tribe who will cheer you on to pick up the ball and run with it. Having a tribe who will celebrate with you when you score that transformative goal is essential.

Endings, of jobs, relationships, of business enterprises and even of lives, is natural. Let’s not shy away from them. Let’s gather our tribe around us and choose which way to turn next.

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