Career Coaching: How Do I Find Work That Matters?

Career Coaching: How Do I Find Work That Matters? — More and more people are realising that money is not the only thing that’s important about the work they do. Especially since the pandemic, lots of you have had time to notice the effect work has on your well-being and to question whether what you do really means something.

By ‘matters’, I mean things like: does what I do daily change things for the better? Does it help people?  Does it have a value over and above making money for The Man? Will it leave some kind of legacy behind?

Many of you are asking these questions and realising you feel a little empty on the inside….

So, to find work that matters can be a bit of a deep dive if, thus far, you have simply done what was expected of you.
It’s also a deep dive if you are like me and; can turn your hand to just about anything. When you are capable and multitalented, it can feel like you are the mistress of no particular path.
I know I wanted to find a meaningful pathway, and with some excavation and some great guidance along the way, I have. And, that’s how I know you can too – here’s how

Career Coaching: How Do I Find Work That Matters?

We will go on a journey together to unearth all you have disliked about your work environments and work behaviours to date. Then we will dream about what you would like instead. We will explore ALL of your capabilities, and when you see all the skills, knowledge and personal attributes you already have, you will truly know anything is possible for you, at which point you will quit accepting the scraps. We will identify your core value. Align with these, and you cannot accept the wrong role. We will explore all your past identities, and by this point, you will have the tendrils of the things that are essential in your next professional identity – the things you cannot compromise. Then we centre thus by asking you to answer three questions that enable you to know whether your wider contribution to the world will be. This is your “WHY”.
Then, together we will create your vision. After which, we get really practical in anchoring your five-year plan here in ordinary reality.
That – that’s what we will do to find the real work that matters to you.