How To Write A Book

Career Coaching: How To Write A Book. I have just discovered why it is that not many people write a book. I spent a week squirrelled away, trying to squish 105,000 words into something book-shaped for my editor.

Do you want to know what helps to navigate the bigger commitments we make in life? Whilst we can only do some of these things for ourselves and on our own, we can make sure we book-end these challenges with our supporters and people who are cheering us on from the sidelines.
Isolated. It’s been a journey I could really only take alone. I needed time, uninterrupted by family, clients or tasks, to focus, drill deep and begin to see that patterns in what amounts to a year worth of writing the stories to illustrate my point, two thumbed on the phone.
What kept me going? Two things. Two days into the process my doubts got a grip on me….”what have I got to say? Where is this going anyway?” And why am I exposing the darkest points of my life – what purpose will this serve? On my mind wandered, distracting me from focusing on my task. Aha! I can counter this… I see you “sabotage” and I can call you out.

Career Coaching: How To Write A Book

I have shown some of these stories to my writing coach and she’s given great feedback. I’ve also shown some of them to my branding strategist and the colleague I’m designing one arm of the business and both of them have stuck around… EVIDENCE! So, Crack on – this might just have value!
Secondly, accountability really serves. I have a deadline, with my editor in a week. I’ll easily let myself down, but I’ll do my best to never disappoint another.
Trapped! I’d brilliantly set myself right up. So, I showed up and I kept showing up. Twelve-hour days of ploughing through my word, my wound, my healing and my history… It’s not perfect. I know the editor will slash it by half, but at least now she has something with which to work.

Gather your team before you set off. That way you’ll trip yourself into showing up.

If you need your transition bookending with support and accountability. Do book yourself in so we can figure out how we might do this.

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