Step into Innocence …

Career coaching: Innocence The way to innovate is, I have discovered, by stepping into innocence.  And, that is EXACTLY the opposite of what I believed.

I thought I had to bring ALL my knowledge and experience to a situation to solve it. When in fact, I’m finding I need to do the opposite. What I need to do is to shut my Know-It-All in the cupboard. Why? Because my Know-It-All Self is the barrier to true creativity.
When I step into innocence. When I wipe my whole slate of expectations clean, what I do is I create space for collaboration, for inspiration, for innovation to drop in.

Career Coaching: Innocence

So, in order to solve a problem, sod asking the experts, instead, wipe that over-analytical, over-active, Know-It-All brain clean and stop, listen, receive the wisdom that lies deeper inside of you, all around and, in those you are collaborating with…..
Shut your Know-It-All in the cupboard. Let her out only when you have the inspiration you need. Then, and only then can you know it all brings her practical assistance. She does have a place, just not in the first phases of a new plot.
Try it. I Dare You – Who knows what will be gifted to you when you do! 

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