Whose Hoops Are You Jumping Through?

Career Coaching: Permission. One  of the roles of a career coach is that of granting permission. Permission to what? Permission to do this career-thing in the way YOU want.

Often we arrive in our adulthood and we are absolutely full of ‘shoulds & oughts’. You may have been absolutely playing by ‘the rules’ for years. You may now be realising that these rules are not taking you where you want to be. Why? This is because these are not your rules. These are the rules that were gifted to you by figures of authority. Nobody meant any harm in sharing these with you. They were merely sharing their perspective on things. As they were shared by our seniors; your parents, your teachers, your society, you have internalised the as ‘true’. After all how many times did you stand up and disagree with a teacher? And when you did – what good did it do you?

Now, however you are adult the bonus that being is that you can do things your way.

This is where your coach comes in: Often it takes a witness to enable you to see the unwanted rules that still drive you. Sometimes it can also take permission from ‘an expert or an authority’ for you to hear and honour the thing you really want to do. It can that kind of gravitas to kick start the process doing it your way.  It can feel downright dangerous to try and do it differently. In reality, doing it differently is probably exactly what you need to do in order to fuel your ambitions.

Career Coaching: Permission

So far this week I have helped a hippie senior finance person take the decision to apply for Financial Director roles in order that they can disrupt from the inside. I have enabled a brilliant creative to design their MA in her own way, dropping the guilt that it’s not accredited by an established institution. I have enabled a fabulous branding individual to honour the skills they DO bring instead of devaluing them and trying to do ‘it’ the same way as the boss when that is not what her boss needs either. I have helped a woman to believe that what she brings has great value so that she can quit giving it away for free. This all by mid-week …

It’s such a privilege to enable talented people see just what it is that they bring, and then, to take it forward into their professional lives in the way that suits them.

Is it your turn to design it differently? Stop Jumping Though Other’s Hoops: I Dare You! The results will be outstanding.

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