Is Your Career Stuck?


Career Coaching: Stuck. So, you have discovered you don’t like your current job. You have an idea of what you’d like to do next…. and…. You. Are. Stuck. It’s not a nice feeling is it? Dreading the work each morning, although at least you don’t have to show it to everyone now you are working remotely, it feels like a lonely and frightening place.

And yet, the more isolated and scared you get, the less realistic your alternative feels. Confidence corroded, that golden hope for the future moves further away each day. That possibility behaves like a mirage, each morning it has moved a little futher into the distance.
So, here’s the deal. You’re stuck because you’re trapped in your own paradox. For a dream to become a reality, it needs feeding. However, why would you feed something that could never become a reality anyway? Round you mind goes on it’s own exhausting merry-go-round.

Career Coaching: Stuck

What you need to know at this point is that you mind Is playing tricks on you. What needs to happen is that your mind needs to be put in it’s rightful place and that means it is time to take practical action.  Carve out time to feed your dream. If this dream is to have a place in your life, that means you need to regularly, rigorously schedule it in. Once your dream has a place in your life, then you need to feed it.
YOUR mind is playing a trick on YOU. If your dream seems to be fading and unrealistic, that might just mean you are frightened of risking this dream of yours. What this means is that it matters. So, my suggestion is that you acknowledge this fear, and that instead you honour that your dream matters.
“Mind map the possibilities, play with it, enjoy it, make lists and find out who might enjoy collaborating on this too.”
Now, you need to show up regularly and feed your dream…. how? Journal into it, hook those in who can support you with it. Mind map the possibilities, play with it, enjoy it, make lists and find out who might enjoy collaborating on this too. Go on – give it a go!  With no vision to move towards, the day job will continue to sap your confidence. Break the cycle and show up and feed your vision. Break the hold your fearful mind has over your destiny……

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