Time for Change?

Career Coaching: Time for Change? Imagine this: Remote working has shown you that it is possible to do your job from ANYWHERE in the world! Just imagine… you could work on a sun-drenched Cretan beach or sitting by a cool lake in Austria, or even on a snowy mountain top. Imagine being able to swim, or ski, or visit cafes and eat local delicacies at lunchtime…. sounds good huh!
HOWEVER, what working remotely has also shown many people is that they don’t like the work they do on a daily basis at all.

Career Coaching: Time for Change?

Working from our dining rooms, attic’s, or children’s bedrooms, work has been stripped of all its perks. There are no watercooler conversations and no after-work drinks. There are no gatherings at the kettle to gossip, share and laugh. There are no lunch dates to debrief what’s happening for each of us. Working remotely has taken much of the human connection, the nourishment, and the joy out of the working day.
That. Leaves. You. With. Your. Job.
And when you don’t like your job, it is not going to make you happy, wherever you do it. No sea view or mountain vista is going to improve that knowledge that you now have that your job is not enough for you.
This pause in time that the pandemic has brought has taught many of us so much about ourselves. If one of the things that you have learned is that you do not like the work you do, it’s time to explore your possibilities with a professional who knows how to take this journey with you.
When you are On-Purpose, you can achieve EXACTLY what you want. 

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