What Do You Do? 

Career Coaching: What Do You Do? Yesterday I was asked this question and my answer was this:

“In my career coaching, I lead people astray – off the beaten path and home to themselves and the professional person they were born to be.”
And then, on a strategic level,
I bring the knowledge that wielding the Divine Feminine at work brings wise decision-making in business, leadership and life.”
And I read these and I think ‘how did I get here?’ … these were never options on the GCSE curriculum. No careers advisor showed up and guided me ‘this way’ towards my vocation. What happened is “Life” keeps showing me my pathways.
There are intersections that transcend the traditional employment routes. They are purpose-led and values- filled and joyous to do.
This, THIS (!!!) coming from someone who at 35 had NO IDEA what to do. I had been so busy trying on other people’s professional identities that I had no notion of what suited me at all.

Career Coaching: What Do You Do? 

I knew I could turn my hand to most things. By which I didn’t mean I was especially good at anything. What it means is that I would show up and give anybody’s project my best… I was brought up to be helpful and useful. I was never raised to listen to myself.
It took me exhausting a lot of other people’s options before I chose to return home to me and ask what I wanted and to take that answer seriously.
It turned out that my gift to the world was enabling others to return home too and find their gifts to share with the world.
It was my job to enable others to quit torturing themselves with their ‘shouts and oughts” regards their professional worlds and turn in and find what it is they are here to gift to the world instead…
We all have a gift. Have you found yours yet? If not, do book yourself in here:

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