Career Coaching: Wrong: Have you thought that you might be in the wrong role, sector, or business? If so, you are not alone – Plenty of friends, colleagues, and clients seem to have been having very similar thoughts. 

Someone emailed me this morning, full of fury at what her boss had chosen to action in her absence. Friends have reflected and had visions of doing less, of having a better work-life balance. Or conversely of doing more and getting WAY better paid for it. Some want very little to do with this country at all – my apologies- you will have to breathe into that one as we are still in lockdown and that IS outside my remit. This Pause has provided space for each of us to reflect on what matters for us.

Career Coaching: Wrong

Does your current work matter beyond bringing in an income? I do know money is essential. I know what it is like not to have enough. What lots of people seem to have noticed, however, is that now it has nowhere to go, it is less important.  There has been way less to spend and certainly nobody to impress with new shoes. Without running and buying, this means we have had to face our feelings. Secondly, we begin to question what the money is for? What is the purpose of showing up at work? If it is ‘only’ to better my family, maybe I need to be doing something more?

In my opinion, we have a challenging few years ahead. With Brexit compounding the effects of the virus on our society, the vulnerable in our communities will need more help than before. Do you need a new thing? Would it have increased longevity if you were to bring your skills to something they mattered and make a difference to people who need it?

What REALLY matters to you? What would work that matters look like for you? 

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