Careers Guidance Bristol-Stylee!

The words below align completely with my experience of engaging with really excellent professional experiences thus far. This is my careers guidance Bristol

“Be brave, be bold, be daring as you can be, and then go and find a team of people who can make that passion a reality”

Q Adam White BAFTA award winning Big Blue Live BBC Bristol

If you do the same thing, again and again, you cannot expect a different outcome. If however, you can identify your passion,  which in turn enables you to have the courage of your convictions. If you can gather others who are enthused with your excitement around you, you can achieve anything.

Careers Guidance Bristol

Upfest Festival Bristol 2017

I did a lot of research before I began this business. Sometimes, with hindsight, I wonder why because I ignored most of the guidance I received. I was repeatedly told, by coaches, by organisations, and by consultants, that it was “impossible to make a good living solely as an independent coach”. And yet I believed, right in my gut, that in this city, I could.

I was not seeking a ‘parachute career’ or a ‘second career’. This was an authentic career-relaunch. I was seeking a professional identity that was absolutely core to my work and my life. I believed that within the professional cultural landscape that is Bristol, that not only was the service that I wanted to provide, possible but also that it was needed here. I overrode a lot of ‘sensible careers guidance‘ because I trusted my intuition. I followed my passion and I engaged a whole raft of individuals and organisations who caught my enthusiasm vicariously.

“I certainly haven’t done this alone,”

Having made an utterly glorious success of this first endeavor, and I certainly haven’t done this alone, I am engaging with my second curve. I am now engaging a whole new raft of vicariously enthused individuals and organisations to support my new endeavor. Once again it is my passion and my intuition that drive this change. It IS, however, these collaborations that will make it a success.

The people of Bristol are the kind of people I want to collaborate with. I have lived and worked all over the UK, but Bristol is where I return to (I think I’m on a kind of bungee… I can go so far, for so long, and then I ping back here again!). This is where I am enthused, supported and cheered on. Bristol is where I find I am engaged with, challenged and inspired.

Careers Guidance Bristol

Careers Guidance Bristol = Here it is possible to honour intuition and gut instinct and make the seemly impossible, absolutely concrete. After all, whilst a multitude of cities have fabulous Graffiti, it is Bristol that makes an entire festival out of it!

Try “It’ here in this city – I Dare You…..!

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