Career Coaching: Roles

Team Roles

Career Coaching: Roles.  Are You A Plant? I bet you never thought you’d be asking that! If you are a plant it might have real significance for your professional development. When I say ‘Plant’ I am not referring to an aspidistra. When I say plant I am referring to one of the Belbin Team Roles. The Plant […]

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Career Coaching: Accountability

Accountability for Success

Career Coaching: Accountability. There are three main parts of my job: Firstly I need to understand the landscape and the ambitions of the person in front of me. Secondly, I need to help that person to tackle whatever it is that stands between where they are and where they want to be. Thirdly I help hold accountability […]

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Career Coaching: Know Your Value

Know Your Value.

Career Coaching: Know Your Value. It’s easy to forget what value you bring when you show up and do something day in and day out. It becomes familiar and thus it feels easy. That’s when you forget that you have niche expertise. I’m currently working my way through my Three-year Shamanic Practitioner Qualification. This deep and […]

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Career Coaching: Trust your instincts

Trust Your Instincts

Career Coaching: Trust Your Instincts. During the past decades, I have been reminded over and over that trusting my instincts is more than valuable. If you have ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink” (and I highly recommend it), then you’ll be familiar with the concept that the more we use it the better it gets. What our western […]

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Career Coaching: Do what you love

Do What You Love

Career Coaching:  Do What You Love. I get people coming to work work with me, saying things like “I’m not good at XY&Z and I need to work on that”. I think this is an erroneous approach. This is the legacy that our education system has left us with, their remit is to give everyone a […]

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