career link

Career Link

Without a career link in the external world it is impossible to find work for ourselves. Without career links to our internal world it is impossible to find a real and sustainable career path. It is the sweet-spot we are seeking. We need to find that place wherein what we love doing is what the world […]

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career test

Career Test

As a coach I would rarely use career test. I don’t use these tests because I think they can blind me to the individual sitting before me. I don’t use career tests because I believe them to be over simplistic and prone to making assumptions. I don’t use career tests because often the career challenge […]

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Job satisfaction improvement

Career Advice

As a coach i do not give career advice. As a coach i help you to generate your own solutions to the career challenges you face. I could sit and tell you how I have generated my own satisfying career pathway. This would however seem a little smug and it would not enable each individual […]

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Career. Are you engaging with the word career as a noun or a verb? The work I do as a coach enables professionals to identify, name and claim a clear career pathway for themselves. What many clients feel they have been doing when they arrive before me, is ‘careering about’ in their professional world. Or even […]

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supervision bristol

Supervision Bristol

Supervision Bristol: there are a wide range of ‘caring industries’ operating within thus city of ours. Whilst bristol has been known as a city of great wealth and accademia, it is a city of great polarities too: We have high levels of homelessness and addiction. We still have communities struggling with deprivation. We have conflict between […]

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career coach UK

Career Coach UK

Career Coach Uk: Whether I am coaching here in the UK, or overseas, I need to bear in mind that my experience is never the same as anyone else’s. However close together, or far apart we reside. I need to be really wary of making assumptions. This is the purpose of ‘Socratic questioning’. Wikipedia give this […]

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