Career Coaching: Progression

Career Progression

Career Coaching: Progression. On the whole, there is little point for most individuals to be having career coaching before they reach their 30s. Why? Because there is probably not yet enough professional history for us to work with in order to define your future. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but they are […]

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Career Coaching: Trust


Career Coaching: Trust. It takes time to make a really ambitious plan manifest. I had a client show up here for a mentoring session saying “I was wondering whether to come as I haven’t become a filmmaker yet”. Film-maker being the intention of his five-year plan and it only being 6 months since we have […]

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Career Coaching: Show-Up

Show Up!

Career Coaching: Show-Up. If you want a consistent outcome then you need to be consistent in your input. Your career, your project, your business or your team, will reflect exactly what you put into it. Fact! What we manifest outside in the world is a direct reflects of the actions that we take. The actions […]

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Career Coaching: Energy

Where to Use Your Energy

Career Coaching: Energy Isn’t it interesting what we learn when we take an objective look at our actions and our thinking? Having just harnessed the data from a 14-day energy experiment I was asked to complete, some of the outcomes were obviously, some much less so. Aside from those half-hour entries that voiced: “Doing: being interrupted […]

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Career Coaching: Communication.


Career Coaching: Communication. If you want to step into your authority,  be congruent with you communication. One of the habits I see is this: an authoritative statement, immediately dismissed by a giggle. In my opinion this is due to fear. Fear of conflict, fear of discomfort, fear of not being liked, fear of the silence that […]

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Career Coaching: Negativity Bias

Negativity Bias

Career Coaching: Negativity Bias. The human brain is designed to have a negative bias. It is entirely designed to be looking for danger like a heat-seeking missile. This is how we have survived so long. This Negativity Bias is not always an asset, especially when you want to live forward or change a habit or […]

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Career coaching: self-belief


Career coaching: Self-belief. Can you believe in your own success? Some individuals seem to know their worth easily. The rest of us seem to battle daily with thy belief that we are ‘good enough’. Personally, on a vulnerable day, I can swing between momentarily delighted at what I have just achieved, and back down to […]

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