Here’s an article providing guidance on employability for the self employed. I bring this to the title of employability because more and of us are choosing to employ ourselves. There are plenty of good things that come with self employment, but it has its fair share of hazards too. Attending to these hazards now means the have no need to overwhelm you in the future.

When I quit being employed by organisations I anticipated freedom from protocols designed by others. Paradoxically however, now I do not have just one boss, but a multitude of ‘bosses’. Each of these “bosses” has a multitude of different needs, requirements, and, ways of working. Each client needs attending to in this rigorous manner. So, having moved from situations where I was resenting one boss telling me what to do, how on earth would it be benefitting me to have a whole cohort of “bosses” bringing their agenda to me? I’ll tell you how.

Firstly I love the diversity that comes with all these individuals. I actively enjoy the process of really getting to the nub of what each client needs from our work together. I truly want to honour those needs.

Secondly, designing all these separate and differing working alliances has presented me with the opportunity to become really clear about my own needs and my agenda. Where is my bottom line? What can I afford to compromise in my work and what is absolutely non-negotiable. How can I really find Our Meeting Place. We need to meet where the client gets what they need and I give only what I choose to provide. We need to find the authentic sweet-spot. This way I remain sustainable for my life, for my family and for my other “bosses”. If I do not attend to my own sustainability then I risk burnout. If I burnout I am of very little use to anyone. Exploring my employability within self-employment has enabled me to take responsibility for myself and my work.

Suddenly having loads of “bosses” has brought me equality. Of course I need to be employable by those who pay me good money. I also need to establish the right working conditions for myself every single time. I am beginning to enjoy this trading process: Because each party is equal. Because both sets of co-signatories needs have to be honoured. If we can both find the courage and honesty to design this ‘our’ way, then this serves us both.

The journey of the self-employed person includes not only the refinement of our employability, but also the responsibility of choosing exactly who we will work for. Working only with the “bosses” who nourish your business or practise means you will create a sustainable and ethical tribe. It takes real courage to turn one unsuitable “boss” away, and to trust that another, better-fit boss, really will appear! Trust the flow and your employability will improve beyond all expectations.

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