What Makes You Happy At Work?

The chances are that if you are taking a job satisfaction survey then you are probably not as satisfied at work as you wish. Either someone else has asked you to do it, in which case that is about their satisfaction with your work, or, you are so bored and disconnected at work then you can think of nothing better than to do. Here’s a reasonable job satisfaction survey if you feel this way. Thirdly, you might acting on a barely acknowledged suspicion that all might not be living up to your expectations in your world of work.

job satisfaction survey

Now take a look at the scoring system and see what shows up. Are you surprised at the result? Nope – I thought not. So, what did it tell you? I’m guessing it tells you that you are just not that engaged. But I could have told you that in that you were temped by this metric at all. Any metric only serves to mirror what we already know deep down.

job satisfaction survey

If you want to be engaged in your work there needs to be a core number of facets that are met: The bottom line is earnings: Wages are why you are there. Get that transaction right and you will have a good platform. After this point the job satisfaction journey individuates: According to Drive, we need Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose: These three things are going to look very different for each individual.

Three elements of Job Satisfaction

What is it you need to be dong and do you have enough power to do actually so? Potency in our work is essential both for our efficacy and also for our wellbeing. What is it you wish to master and can you access the resources, both in time and in money, in order to do so? What is the purpose of your work? And can you name it? What purpose greater than yourself does your everyday contribution serve?

Name and Claim

Begin to name and claim these three things and you have the start of a personalised and indeed satisfying journey. You will need no job satisfaction survey to tell you so, you will know it. Even the bits to your job that are less joyous will become worthwhile because you will understand why you are doing it. This way your work can nourish you and your life symbiotically.