Your Leadership Pledge

Your Leadership Coaching Pledge: Whatever you Leadership role, never forget to nourish yourself first and foremost I get business owners showing up and they are tired. I get policymakers wandering in who are worn right down. I get change Makers coming through the door and they are utterly exhausted. Nobody inspired anyone else to do a new thing, from a tired and depleted place.


leadership coaching pledge


There is a saying “you can’t give away what you have not got”. When I first heard it 20 years Ago I took that as some kind of insult. I felt like there was information that I hadn’t understood or well-being that I hadn’t worked for, and thus I couldn’t pass it on… What I now know is that if I, or a CEO, are undernourished or under-resourced, then we cannot support those we lead because We Have Nothing To Spare. Often individuals will show up here seeking an instant upturn in business, or a better way to lead.  What is needed first and foremost is some serious self-care. Then and only then, can good business decisions be made?

Leadership Coaching Pledge

We are very lovely humans when it comes down to it. We do give of our best. We do try to change the unchangeable. We do care for others and sometimes we do so to the detriment of ourselves. Sometimes we need to ‘get our own houses in order’ first. Is your relationship nourishing? How are your eating, sleeping, exercising habits serving you? Who are the members of our support network? And our go-to people when the shit hits the fan… because it will.

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So, leadership does need to be by example. We do need to meet our own needs first otherwise we ourselves are unsustainable. If we refuse to role model that for others, then our whole business, or industry sector will become unstable too. Give to yourself first… Put your oxygen masks on before helping anyone else. Hypoxia of the Brain will neither help you or your business Cause.
Pledge to help Yourself First: I Dare You! 

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