Leadership Coaching: Procrastination arises in many forms. One form of procrastination is “busyness”. Have you ever noticed just how easy it is to tackle small jobs … only to discover that you have completely ignored ( skimmed over, gone into denial about, put off …!),  the big thing that’s staring you in the face? The consequences of not doing the small things are often small. Likewise the consequences of not doing the big thing… that consequence is often very big!

What brings this to mind? My tax return. It’s not a thing I consider with joy. When it comes down to it when I actually focus, I can get my whole year’s accounts up and straight and the return filed in a day… So, that’s why I found myself clearing out my sock draw first thing yesterday … undoubtedly the sock draw needed ordering… undoubtedly all the other jobs on my to-do list also needed doing. (The sock drawer wasn’t even on the to-do list – that’s how avoidant I was!). However. yesterday was the one full day that I have free for the next three months… The consequences of not filing that return would then have begun to get expensive.

Leadership Coaching: Procrastination 

So I did it! The sourcing and printing and data-bloody-entry, the cross-referencing, the filing, the percentages, the totaling and subtracting. The signing off and the submission of information to the government. job done!
And no, all the other things on the to-do list have not got done. And yes! I do feel really relieved. I can busy myself with the rest of it, feeling lighter and happy and free. On behalf of your team, project or client base, do focus on the big thing. Without doing that Big Thing, you cannot be of service to those you work with and for.
Be Courageous:  I dare you!

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