How to Lead “Responsibly”

Leadership Development: Responsibility. What do I know about Leadership? I know that you can only go as fast as your slowest team member. I know that having a vision isn’t enough, that somehow you need to earn the engagement of not only those you pay but also the wider network of those you don’t. I know that you need to care, that you need to care a lot, that you need to care enough to push through not only that resistances of others but also the resistances that you hold, deep inside, that are hidden and painful, in order to get this done. I know that you have to be seriously tenacious and know that it will do some kinds good in the world beyond earning your wage. I know that short-term pain is worth it for long-term gain.

I know that You need to choose where to put your energies: fight the nay-sayers or lure in those who “can-do” and are up for the challenge.

Leadership Development: Responsibility

The questions I ask clients are:

“What is this endeavour going to cost you? What do you need to keep? What will you have to give up? And, are you willing to pay that price?”

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If you pour a large percentage of your time, energy and resources into this one thing, then those will all be taken from other aspects of your life, for a while.
It is better to know what will have to ‘give’ and if you are willing to face the risks, in order that you are choosing this pathway. Reacting to the unexpected loss of things, that in hindsight you might have either guarded against, can seem as too high a price.
Don’t get me wrong, as someone who is absolutely leading by example by choosing to do this my own way, and loving it! I am only too conscious that had I chosen ‘the easy route’ (even if it were the less happy one) of slotting into a pre-formed role. I wouldn’t have such responsibility.
Leadership Development: responsibility
I wouldn’t have to be so very mindful of the “workaholic” in me that can run rampant over all that’s good in my life when I hit ‘stress’. I have put myself in a position where I am responsible for the balance I hold between work and life, work and motherhood, work and my intimate relationship and my friends. am responsible for all that happens within the business. I am ethically responsible for much of what my clients choose to take out in the world. “I am responsibleand that phrase has me consistently balancing on the edges. I am responsible has led to the occasional long and wakeful night.
“I am responsible” also has me consistently on the edge of the excitement of new potential and opportunity.
 I’m just alerting you to your choices and responsibilities should you choose to travel down the leadership route too.

The buck stops with you!

Ready to risk it? I Dare You!

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