Career Coaching: Contributing


Career Coaching: Contributing. I have become involved in collaboration with a heart-based organisation. This is SO good for refocusing my intent. “ Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” JFK  Similarly, ask not what this job, organisation, or course can do you too, ask what you can […]

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Career Coaching: Disaster

Is it really a Disaster?

Career Coaching: Disaster? What happens when you have considered would be in your current sector or role, for the rest of your working years, and it goes? What happens when that plan gets disrupted by circumstances right out of your control. What happens to your professional plans when the paradigm changes to the extent where […]

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Leadership Coaching: Biomimicry

The Nature of Business

Leadership Coaching: Biomimicry. How can your team or organisation behave as nature does? Perhaps more to the point is ‘why would it want to do so?’ The fundamental benefit of biomimicry is that nature works in sustainable ways. In these times of deep economic, political and planetary instability, the importance of behaving sustainably has increased exponentially. […]

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