Career Coaching True Feasibility

True Feasibility

Career Coaching: True Feasibility. I’ve been looking at trees. What if we treated our careers more like nature treats her growth? What if, like trees, we headed for the longevity of the growth of a trunk as opposed to the cheap flare of momentary satisfaction of blossom? In our current lockdown, I am conscious more than ever […]

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Career Coaching Discomfort

Discomfort …

Career Coaching: Discomfort. The Stress responses of different people have been intriguing to me… However ‘normal’ things appear, with spring doing its thing and nature reclaiming our urban spaces, we ARE stressed nevertheless… And, these stress responses are all showing up; fight, flight, freeze, even giggle … (my personal favourite), in the people I love […]

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Career Coaching permission

Permission to observe …

Career Coaching: Permission. I have realised its ok to answer a question with the words “I don’t know yet”. Most of my previous clients might be gobsmacked at me writing these words. However, unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. I am an expert in no-escape coaching. In the past, the phrase “I don’t know” merely signified that […]

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Career Coaching: Transformation


Career Coaching: Transformation. True change very rarely looks like I imagine it will. In my eyes, it should look ginormous. There should be upheaval and a decent amount of chaos, there might be stress and even shouting… In reality, the current crisis is re-enforcing what I was already coming to know. True change is much, much […]

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Career Coaching What Matters

What Really Matters?

Career coaching: What Matters? Ok, so here we are facing a pandemic. Most of us are in lockdown. Who would have thought this would be happening! In fact, from a business point of view, 2020 never had the clarity its title promised. With Brexit looming, no business could even have a 12-month forecast as we have […]

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Career Coaching: Childcare

ChildCare …

Career coaching: Childcare. With this pandemic, I believe we have the potential for huge changes to our work and our society. Nobody at all has valued childcare, for decades. Therefore, we neither value the childcarers nor the children themselves. This means we have been dismissing the whole next generation. We are also dismissing huge swathes […]

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