Career Coaching Patience


Career Coaching: Patience. It can take a little time to construct a really solid platform upon which to build your career. In a society where we expect everything ‘ Now.’ (if not ‘yesterday’!), it feels counterintuitive to carve out the time to stop and to reflect. In reality, it is important to spend time choosing […]

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Career Coaching Idleness


Career Coaching: Idleness. Are there days when you do not want to show up? Are there days when even the things you are most passionate about in your professional world leave you unmotivated and stale?  Want the good news? That is entirely normal and makes you only human. And the second bit of good news? Even by […]

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Career Coaching: Strengths

Play to Your Strengths!

Career Coaching: Strengths. Play to your strengths. Many people show up here saying “I’m here because I am not good at XY&Z”. My response is ‘what ARE you good at? Shall we work with that instead?’. We are so good at trying to be everything to everyone that we even work on the bits we […]

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Career coaching celebration

Celebration is Essential!

Career Coaching: Celebration. Celebrating success? Have you ever noticed that we don’t do it generally? We are a product of Protestant work ethic programming. We carry messages of “arrogance” or “pride before a fall”. When we fail to celebrate our successes, then we start the next cycle of learning undernourished and tired. Celebrating a win […]

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