professional development trends

Professional Development Trends

Professional Development Trends: The professional landscape changes daily. Changes are driven by money and politics and global markets. Driven by eternal influences this landscape is mostly out of our control. Professional Development trends follow these changes in the work landscape and these too are outside our remit of design. The piece of the employment jigsaw […]

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professional development plan

Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan:Have you ever noticed that our professional development does not always go to plan? That sometimes we can get a little down when you consider where we think we should be with where we actually are? Here’s Forbes take on it: A lovely empowering piece from career coach from ‘A Work in Progress’. Well […]

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coach bristol

Coach Bristol

Coach Bristol: I set up my career coach bristol enterprise in a rebellious way. I felt I had been told that independent coaching was not a sustainable way to earn a living. I felt I had been kindly advised, for my own good, to consider being a career coach in this city as some kind of […]

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coach tracker

Coach Tracker

A coach tracker is one description that has been used of me in my professional practise. It was not used in the sense of the means by which one tracks ones transport, but, as a verb to describe the way in which I work with my clients. Accountability is a huge part of the coaching process […]

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