Businesslike Synonym

Businesslike Synonym: The Colin’s Dictionary lists these words as similes to Businesslike: Efficient, Professional, and Practical. There are also several words regarding the thoroughness of businesslike approaches: organised, systematic and methodical. Thirdly here are those words listed that reflect the means of operating in a businesslike manner: workaday, matter of fact, routine, correct and orderly.

How inspired do you feel reading that list of businesslike synonyms? not Much? Nor me! This list is perhaps all the reasons that I chose to imploy myself. The organisation, The systems and The methods, developed by other people, that  have driven me to the point of distraction in the past, mainly because they were inefficient. or outdated. The workaday, The matter of fact, The routine, The being correct and orderly are both dull and restrictive! Unless of course, the aforementioned adjectives are used in service of a professional purpose that I believe in….

OK, so here we have the beginnings of something. I can indeed by businesslike: meaning efficient, professional and practical, if (and only if!) , I can design the organisation. I can be businesslike if I can design the systems and methods for myself. I can be businesslike only if I have the agility to be able to amend them ‘in the moment’, as is necessary. With these caveats in place I really CAN engage with the workday aspects of the business if I know why I am doing so. As the Zen quote says “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” The business needs and tasks may remain the same, but, the understanding of why, of the purpose of these things, this is what makes the difference to me.

When you understand why your are engaging with business then you can engage with any businesslike synonym. Understand the purpose behind your business, claim it, and then your true business colours can shine right on through any ‘workaday’ task!

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