Career Change: Failure

Career Change: Failure. So you decided on your new career, you did the research, you applied for the job, you got the interview, and you got rejected? What now? Here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had this week with a colleague. We have both been trying phenomenally big new things.

“I feel exhausted. I feel… I don’t know how I feel. Like a bottle of lemonade with the cap left off… flat. Like I could have changed my stars… after everything life has thrown at me this was a chance to get ahead rather than flounder around. But the tide changed and I can’t get out …”
 I responded with:
“Today my head hurts like I can’t describe. There has been an electromagnetic storm that has passed through me rearranging neural pathways and exhausting every cell with all that adrenaline & cortisol.
Perhaps, whatever the outcome for each of us from these weeks activities (& there will be one because something has shifted in the very doing of these things), we both need to give ourselves A VERY BIG PAT ON THE BACK FOR RISKING IT!!!”
As you might be able to guess, we both took big risks that week and it was EXHAUSTING. Even if the outcome is a success, such an endeavour IS exhausting!

Career Change: Failure? Or Was it?

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“What both of us have just done are HUGE things. We each dared to step into a totally new paradigm and not a lot of people dare to do that. Whether you become an estate agent as a result of this, or whether I get to play leadership development coach to the organisation I approached, is almost an irrelevance.
Something has fundamentally shifted with each of us by doing it.
We will only find out what that is later.”
Career change: failure
“For now, let go, recoup, reward ourselves and await the manifestation of this brace action we both took! Let’s fill ourselves up with the appreciation of what ‘is’ right now.”
“Then let’s see what happens next… it feels important to remember that what just happened to each of us didn’t happen in isolation. It is not yet finished. The real outcome is yet to come”
Sometimes you need to let the tide come in and out a few times before the new thing begins to take shape. But take shape it will!
Take Risks: I dare you! 
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