Career Coaching: Really Heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard. How does it feel for you when you are heard? And, what happens as a result of that witnessing? My experiences show it’s VALUABLE!


Today I had a mundane, small boy-related, ‘I’m excluded’ incident. Doesn’t matter now what it was. But, when I got back from the school run I was less than happy. My glorious VA taught me a really valuable lesson:
I had spent an hour… as I ran… as I got ready for work… as I tried to gather my professional self for my first meeting of the day, ranting in my head. I was expending huge amounts of energy internally, trying to push my feelings away. Thus, these feelings blurted out in a text to my beloved (not great for him as there’s not much he could do from the west of Scotland). And then they poured all over my VA.
…. And when I had run out of things to say and the feelings are all over the room, she these magical words:

Career Coaching: Really Heard.

“I hear you, and it’s so triggering, isn’t it? And, your son probably didn’t even what to go anyways… But, it’s normal for a mum to feel that on her son’s behalf.” What was magical about that? It’s that gently, compassionately she had observed that these were my feelings, not my son’s feelings at all.
That took ALL the fire out of my feelings, they had been heard, they had been put in their rightful place.
We did some fantastic marketing work after that — She’s a genius!
I felt so heard and the power of my emotions totally lost their grip on me and I was free to show up and be creative and work on the business like I wanted to be. Being heard is transformative!
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Rebecca x