Are your Beliefs Serving You?

One of my favourite Job Hunting Quotes is this:
“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” Katherine Whitehorn
It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and equall,y the echoes around it’s real meaning have resonated for years for me. I think this is because it has a connection to my beliefs about what I ‘should’ be doing v’s what I enjoy doing.
We Humans are rarely ‘Rolling Stones that gather no moss’. We are mostly entities that roll through your lives, picking up layer after layer of other’s beliefs. Sure we need to learn from somewhere, but, we often forget that we can peel off those layers that no longer serve us, as we grow in wisdom and years.
This begins with our parents, our community and culture. We pick up all sorts of new ideas at school, both formally and in our allegiances in the playground. We leave home or Uni and roll out into the world and we gather more layers from our peers, our work environments and our colleagues. We gather new layers in relationships and in new roles such as parenthood. By the time we have made it to upper management at work, we may be entirely oblivious to the fact that we are still observing beliefs we collected up about ourselves when we were three…. these beliefs have become so familiar, so core to who we think that we are, that we cannot even see them, let alone recognise that they may be redundant and still impacting on our choices.
Money is a powerful trigger because although on one hand it is ‘only money’, there are so many beliefs associated with it. Ask yourself this question: “what is the first thing I believe about money…?” Write it down and then see how it sits with the quote above. My first belief about money is that “money is other people’s”. How does that sit with running a profitable business if money can never be mine? Frankly it doesn’t, and as this belief has no relevance in my adulthood, I can let it go. Whilst I hold that belief it holds power over what happens now. No thanks! I can Un-choose that belief and supplant it with something much more aligned with my today-self and the quote above. I can only inchoose it however once I have identified that it is there.
So if the above job hunting quotes sits a little askew with you, ask yourself some questions to find out why that might be. Explore these old beliefs and then you can choose your own way forward free of something that you held to be the back in the day.
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