Show Up and Ask!

I like this short list of job hunting tips from The Guardian:

“In the digital age, it can sometimes seem a little old fashioned to approach a recruiter by telephone, but it’s still an effective method. If you’ve made an application online and haven’t had a reply in a few days, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.”

It takes courage to pick up the phone. It takes courage to show up and actually speak to someone, but equally it is the courage that gets us rewards.

I believe that the digital age is an absolute godsend for introverts. We can organise just about anything without even seeing another human being for days on end. We can navigate our social commitments by text, we can communicate professionally via email, be can be creatively expressive via Pintrest, we can feel a sense of belonging with Facebook and we can submit our CV online without talking to the gate-keeper. We can do all of the above without even leaven the house or even getting out of our pyjamas…..

But this is where extroverts have the edge over us: they love to connect and to relate and to be curious doubt others. Extroverts are actually nourished by the company of others. This by default means that extroverts are far more likely to show up and ask for what they want. it is far less easy to forget a face you have actually seen or a person who’s voice you have heard, than a digital version of themselves. These are the people who get remembered.

So my job hunting tips today is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Step over your fear of rejection, show yourself, and ask for what you want. The sky will not fall in if you do not get your request met. your courage in showing up in person might just leave a big enough trace with the decision-makers to give you the edge.  Try it and see

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