Career Coaching: Walking My Talk!

Career coaching: Walking my talk – I’ve had a reminder over the past year of exactly how hard I ask my clients to work & the discomfort I expect them to face.

The transformation that leads to a career-change or a business-build is not that of the tasks that need to happen on the outside. Before that, way, WAY before that is the internal work on ourselves. This IS a deep dive. It’s the shedding of the old you so the new you can grow in its place.
The transformation that needs to take place way, WAY before this, is the shedding of the old limiting beliefs that hold us back. The shedding of an old skin that was the person that we were. The rawness that’s left when the familiar dissolves and we step into our new selves.

Career Coaching: Walking My Talk!

To see the potential is great, euphoric even. To realise that potential is not only hard graft, it takes courage. It takes blind alleys, frustration, and the facing of our fears. I’ve been reminded of just what I ask my clients to do on a daily basis. I have also had a reminder that it is REALLY worth doing!
It’s been humbling and hard, I’ve been deeply grateful for the awesome people who surround me and are cheering me on!
Who’s coming with you on this incredible journey? And, What support do you need to be your next ‘You’
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