Leadership Coaching Framework

A New Leadership Framework

Leadership Coaching Framework: I am noticing that is a really fine line between fear and excitement. I flew in from the school run this morning saying “I’ve gotta get on, I’ve got five clients today”. A 90-minute supervision session. Two New-Client assessment sessions. One Business Coaching session and a 90 minuted Career Coaching session. Now […]

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Leadership Coaching, Bristol

The 4 Challenges of Leading Change

Leadership Coaching: Have you gained significant seniority in your sector? Are you seen as an authority in your field? And, are you experiencing real frustrations of leading within organisations and systems that really need to transition? An organisation that has to change in order to find better.. ethics…or be more transparent…or  more empowering … and therefore […]

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Leadership Development: Questions

Trading Places

Leadership Development: Questions. I have a deepening unease about the way we are treating our people and our planet. Are we truly on the verge of destroying the balance of something as valuable as life on earth. Do you too think we need to consider trading places? Can we do business differently? Can we avoid the […]

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