Career Coaching Narratives

How Negative Are Your Narratives?

Career Coaching Narratives: Are you telling yourself a dark story?  Be really wary of filling the gaps with your own negative narrative. Our brains are predisposed to be negative. Why? In order that we can seek out the dangers that threaten us. That does serve a purpose, and, it is not always useful.   As […]

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Career Coaching Price

The Price Of A Really Good Outcome Is This …

Career Coaching Price: isn’t it easy to tell ourselves we have failed, when what we have actually done is lost sight of the bigger picture… I had a wise therapist who would hear my opening tales of woe and respond with something akin to “everything is perfect as it is”. I would feel utterly murderous and […]

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Leadership Coaching Costs

The Real Costs of Leadership

Leadership Coaching Costs: There is a particular trait that I see in ‘my’ leaders. They are the intuitive types, the whole systems thinkers, they can spot in an instant when something is not working. They are often considered disruptive for trying to solve these problems because other humans are terrified of change. These truth-speaker and […]

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Career Coach Diploma

What To Do When You F**k Up!

Career Coach Diploma in Catastrophising: What to do when you f**k up! Are you prone to catastrophic thinking? Do you traumatise yourself and veer between the worst possible outcomes when things seem to be going wrong? Here’s a real story that might resonate with you…. Ten minutes deep into a coaching session with a client there’s a […]

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Leadership Coaching and Development 

Unashamedly Political

Leadership Coaching and Development: Unashamedly political, I spend a lot of time in my life and my work defining what constitutes ‘good leadership’. I don’t believe that our government is exhibiting any of the traits I seek. Let’s take a look at the current political circumstances as if you were running a business shall we […]

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Career Coaching Résumé

Careers For Introverts & Extroverts

Career Coach: Résumé. The story of the introvert and the extrovert. I work with both types of individuals, on a daily basis in a career context. The fundamental difference is this: Introverts source their energy from inside of themselves. Extroverts are energised by being around others. They source their energy externally. Introverts ‘need to be […]

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career coaching salary

What’s Good About A No-Raise Promotion?

Career coaching: Salary. The obvious” con” of the no raise promotion is that there is no pay-rise. Why should you all take on more responsibility and risk for the same pay? Why would you devote more time to learning and up-skilling yourself in order to better another’s business enterprise with no extra remuneration? On the flip-side, […]

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career coach course

Three Courses of Career Action

Career Coaching Course of Action: Coaching clients show up to work with me with one of two problems: Either, they worked very hard from the beginning to adhere to the Rules and Regulations, and still their career isn’t working out… Or, they were never very engaged with the Rules and Regulations in the first place. […]

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Leadership Coaching Goals

Leadership Coaching Goals

One of the main Leadership Coaching Goals is this:  To Make Yourself Redundant. You have to enable your team to find their own way…..   “I think one of the key traits of a true leader is the ability to get things done through other people. If no one is following you, even if you […]

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career coach application

Want My Advice?

Career Coach Application: Don’t let anyone put you back in your box… Especially yourself. In the face of a combination of excitement and insecurity, we can feel this as fear. When we feel fear it is very easy to resort to being our dutiful, ‘good’, do what we are supposed to do for others selves. […]

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