Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach

If leadership is possible at all levels of an organisation and in all ways then a leadership coach must be the one who works to emphasise the existing strengths  I see one of the roles of leadership coach as enabling business leaders to realign themselves with the original values you set out with. “If power […]

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The Qualities of True Leadership

Looking at the quote below you might anticipate that only those at ‘The Top’ can be leaders or indeed need leadership coaching. “Leadership Coaching, however, is a collaborative, individualised relationship between a leader and the coach — the leader could well be an executive, manager, supervisor, team leader or business owner for example — anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people. Coaching is […]

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return to work joy

Return To Work Joy

Return To Work Joy: I have a friend and colleague who is currently two days back into her return to work following her maternity leave. I’m guessing that she may not yet agree with the fact that a return to work is a joy…? But she will! We do get SO much from work. When […]

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return to work bristol

How to Return to Work in Bristol

Returning to work is hard. Returning to work is not impossible in this city if you pull in the right support. Return to work Bristol is enabled by many useful organisations, businesses and renewal schemes. You do not need to return to work alone. Resources To Support a Return to Work Bristol Use all the […]

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Return to work programme

Identifying Where Your Power Lies At Work

Return to work programme: Sometimes you have to abandon other people’s programmes and implement your own. One of the benefits of entrepreneurship is that I can design my own schedule. One of the dis-benefits is that I can still be at the mercy of others agenda. Therefore today’s programme involved the rewrite of Ten, TEN (!) […]

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Return To Work Credit

5 Ways To Replenish Your Professional-Self

Did you give yourself some return to work credit? It’s so easy to discount the sheer level of adjustment that returning to work requires of us. Having been too unwell to engage in paid employment for a couple of years in my thirties, in my mid-forties I find myself in a polar opposite situation. “My world is […]

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Return To Work Interview

Please Mind The Gap

During a return to work interview, I made an unexpected discovery about where my fear actually lay regarding this transition. Whilst I had heard others voice their fears about ‘failure’ or ‘letting others down’ or ‘getting it wrong’, I discovered that I was fearful of success!!! That. Sounded. So. Arrogant….. but the words were out […]

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Return To Work Form

6 Ways Work Can Keep You ‘On Form’

In the HSE Return To work Form there is this guidance: “If staff take time off work because of work related stress, getting them back to work as quickly as possible is important………. In general, people find it more difficult to return to work after a long-term absence.” In general, I have to concur because […]

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Return To work Definition

Designing Professional Routines That Suit You

Return To work Definition: For each of us, a return to work will have a different definition. What they will all have in common is the impact of a routine foisted upon us from the outside. I don’t know about you, but when I have been out of routine and I regain one, I am usually […]

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Return To Work

Navigating Your Successful Return To Work

Managing your return to work, be it post summer holidays, returning to academia, post illness or maternity leave, can be conflicted and feel tumultuous. There can be equal amounts of excitement and fear, because, whatever type of return to work this is for you, things will have changed in your absence. Don’t forget that you […]

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