coach bristol

Coach Bristol

Coach Bristol: I set up my career coach bristol enterprise in a rebellious way. I felt I had been told that independent coaching was not a sustainable way to earn a living. I felt I had been kindly advised, for my own good, to consider being a career coach in this city as some kind of […]

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coach tracker

Coach Tracker

A coach tracker is one description that has been used of me in my professional practise. It was not used in the sense of the means by which one tracks ones transport, but, as a verb to describe the way in which I work with my clients. Accountability is a huge part of the coaching process […]

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coach carter

Coach Carter

Ok, so I am not Coach Carter and I do not plan any kind of ‘lock down’ for my coachees if they do not attend to their studies. There is however a metaphor in this tale of discipline that draws my attention. Any coaching provider who say that they will only work within their niche is […]

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career link

Career Link

Without a career link in the external world it is impossible to find work for ourselves. Without career links to our internal world it is impossible to find a real and sustainable career path. It is the sweet-spot we are seeking. We need to find that place wherein what we love doing is what the world […]

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career test

Career Test

As a coach I would rarely use career test. I don’t use these tests because I think they can blind me to the individual sitting before me. I don’t use career tests because I believe them to be over simplistic and prone to making assumptions. I don’t use career tests because often the career challenge […]

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Job satisfaction improvement

Career Advice

As a coach i do not give career advice. As a coach i help you to generate your own solutions to the career challenges you face. I could sit and tell you how I have generated my own satisfying career pathway. This would however seem a little smug and it would not enable each individual […]

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Career. Are you engaging with the word career as a noun or a verb? The work I do as a coach enables professionals to identify, name and claim a clear career pathway for themselves. What many clients feel they have been doing when they arrive before me, is ‘careering about’ in their professional world. Or even […]

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supervision bristol

Supervision Bristol

Supervision Bristol: there are a wide range of ‘caring industries’ operating within thus city of ours. Whilst bristol has been known as a city of great wealth and accademia, it is a city of great polarities too: We have high levels of homelessness and addiction. We still have communities struggling with deprivation. We have conflict between […]

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