Leadership coaching: Cultural Change

Leadership & Cultural Change

Leadership coaching: Cultural Change. If management is getting tasks done through people then Leadership is making change through people. That means that “leadership” suddenly doesn’t look as clear-cut as I had imagined. Leaders to me, were the traditional bosses; Those authoritarian types who give orders top down. Now, I know this not to be true. […]

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Career Coaching: Microdosing


Career Coaching: Microdosing. Ok, so the bad news is that there is no perfect job that will be full of joy all the day long. The good news is that you are totally capable of tipping the balance from a role that is mostly dark into one that has mostly light. These are the roles […]

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Leadership Coach: Mistakes

The Value of Your Mistakes

Leadership Coaching: Mistakes: Never underestimate the benefit of previous mistakes. These mistakes, held kindly, are our professional gold-dust. We live in a society they deems mistakes a bad thing. I do understand if mistakes are life-threatening then indeed they are bad things. The reality is however that in our modern day world, most of our […]

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Career Coach: joy

Career coach: Joy

Career coach: Joy. Is it possible to find work that gives you joy as well as an income? Absolutely! Did anyone tell you at school that this was possible? Or were you expected to fulfill someone else’s pre-defined category?With most people, I meet the answer is often sadly, ‘Absolutely’ all over again… “The place God calls […]

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