career coaching is work insane

Career Coaching: Is Work Insane?

Career Coaching: Is Work Insane? Or, are you actually behaving in an insane way about work? Are You consistently doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a different outcome? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want to stop now? Or, do you want more of that particular […]

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career coaching what do you want

Career Coaching: What Do You Want?

Career Coaching: What Do You Want? So, ALL the employment information this year is telling the employee that they have power beyond that which they have ever had before … . “High demand in labour against a low supply of available workers has prompted many employers to raise pay and offer more work flexibility to boost […]

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career coaching your elevated power

Career Coaching: Your Elevated Power

Career Coaching: Your Elevated Power — Glassdoor said that   “employees will have elevated power in talks this year because of the tight labour market.” “With low levels of unemployment, high numbers of job vacancies and record numbers of workers quitting in ‘The Great Resignation,’ it will be the most creative employers who are best able to hire […]

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Career Coaching happiness

Career Coaching: Happiness

Career Coaching: Happiness — The figures state that a third of you employed people are unhappy at work here in the UK? “The world’s  ‘largest study of work happiness’ has found only 27 percent of UK workers say they are happy at work most of the time,” With more than 170,000 UK responses this research by […]

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Career Coaching Slow the fxxk down

Career Coaching: Slow the Fxxk Down!!!!

Career Coaching: Slow the Fxxk Down!!!! Last year in Crete myself, my beloved, and the boy, I got a boat across the island of Gavdos. We got a VERY fast boat across a VERY bumpy bit of the Agean sea to Gavdos.   I had driven the trip. I wanted to do something exciting! And, I absolutely […]

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Career Coaching having a rocky time at work

Career Coaching: Having a Rocky Time at Work?

Career Coaching: Having a Rocky Time at Work? Are you? Seems like most people are! I’ve got friends, Connections, acquaintances, recommendations popping in through every channel right now! It’s quite bewildering, although it is also a privilege. And where are they at when they get to their first session? Quite frankly, most of them fear they have gone […]

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