Career Coaching: Show-Up

Show Up!

Career Coaching: Show-Up. If you want a consistent outcome then you need to be consistent in your input. Your career, your project, your business or your team, will reflect exactly what you put into it. Fact! What we manifest outside in the world is a direct reflects of the actions that we take. The actions […]

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Career Coaching: Decision Making


Career Coaching: Decision-Making. There is a little lecture I find myself giving my coaching clients sometimes. It goes something like this: “if, when you ask yourself what you want, and you answer with ‘I don’t know’ you are giving your power away. You are giving your power away because if you don’t decide your next move, someone […]

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Career Coaching: Energy

Where to Use Your Energy

Career Coaching: Energy Isn’t it interesting what we learn when we take an objective look at our actions and our thinking? Having just harnessed the data from a 14-day energy experiment I was asked to complete, some of the outcomes were obviously, some much less so. Aside from those half-hour entries that voiced: “Doing: being interrupted […]

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Leadership Coaching: Risk

Successful Risk-Taking

Leadership Coaching: Risk. What stops us taking risks? It’s our brain. Is this always useful? No! Yes, it keeps us safe, but it also arrests our development. I have clients that have brains that enable them to decide to do one thing late at night and by the next morning, they have managed to rationalise themselves right […]

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