Career Coaching: Accountability

Accountability for Success

Career Coaching: Accountability. There are three main parts of my job: Firstly I need to understand the landscape and the ambitions of the person in front of me. Secondly, I need to help that person to tackle whatever it is that stands between where they are and where they want to be. Thirdly I help hold accountability […]

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Career Coaching Envy

Career Coaching: Envy

Career Coaching: Envy. Interestingly envy in others is a good sign. It means that you are doing what you are doing, well. If someone seems to have it in for you in your Profesional arena, that means you are standing right on your power. It’s taken me a long time to recognise two things if someone […]

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Leadership Coaching Boundaries

Leadership Coaching: Boundaries 

Leadership Coaching: Boundaries. Being really clear in business, work and life regarding where the line sits is really beneficial in lots of ways. It shows others exactly where they stand and interesting they seem to really quite like it. We did Shadow-work exercise. Working in partners one had the ability to draw their partner near or send […]

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