Career Coaching: Inner Critic

How Does Your Inner Critic Get In Your Way?

Career Coaching: inner critic.What has your inner critic sabotaged for you recently? I’ve been all too aware of mine in recent weeks.After four decades I have finally located the place where my inner critic is most active and powerful. This is a great piece of information to have for all of us because then you […]

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Career Coaching: Permission

Whose Hoops Are You Jumping Through?

Career Coaching: Permission. One  of the roles of a career coach is that of granting permission. Permission to what? Permission to do this career-thing in the way YOU want. Often we arrive in our adulthood and we are absolutely full of ‘shoulds & oughts’. You may have been absolutely playing by ‘the rules’ for years. […]

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Career Coaching: Promotion

The Downside of Promotion

Career Coaching: Promotion. You are enough. A question clients are often asking themselves, and me, when they show up here, is this: “What value do I bring to the business?” On the back of a promotion, Imposter Syndrome can really kick in. The gap between how you perceive yourself and what others see in you, […]

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