Career Coaching: Detective Work

Maximising Your Professional Potential

Career coaching: Detective work. I see people come in who are bright, competent, inspiring change-makers…. but…, they still can’t put themselves forward. This is inevitably due to a belief they hold about themselves form the past. Whilst it has no apparent relevance in the here and now. It is still operating within their lives. I’ve had […]

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Leadership Coaching: Change

Leading Change

Leadership Coaching: Change. In my experience, change can only be led from a grounded place. Usually, grounded means the lived experience place. If you haven’t been through the experience yourself, you’d better be open and willing to co-create with those who have: These are the people who know what’s needed. These are the people who […]

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Career Coaching: Self-Promotion

Self-Promotion? What’s That????

Career Coaching: Self-Promotion: Warning ⚠️: its Time to woman – up! There had been a cultural change over that past two decades that might leave you at a disadvantage in the job application game. With graduates leaving uni with increasing debts, what they also take with them is a self-promo savvy that I certainly never […]

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Career Coaching: Applications

The Very Best Job Application

Career Coaching: Applications – Bring your uniqueness. The job application landscape has changed considerably over that past two decades. ‘Back in the day’, if you filled in an application form, you’d expect a receipt to confirm its arrival. You’d get a standard Letter of ‘thanks but not this time’ If you didn’t get to interview. […]

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Career Coaching: Procrastination

Tackling Procrastination

Career Coaching: Procrastination: Can you turn your hand to anything? Do you have a head full of awesome ideas but often fail to realise them? Are you left beating yourself up and wondering how to generate a secure income? Well? I have news for you. You are probably, paradoxically, A ‘Completer-Finisher’ in Belbin’s Team Roles. […]

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