career coacing do you have a new enterprise in mind

Do You Have A New Enterprise in Mind?

Career Coaching: Do You Have A New Enterprise in Mind? Are you beginning to reap the rewards of the past year’s hard work? Before you answer “No” consider this perspective: It’s been a tough year on every single level. And, if you are reading this, you survived. Well done! . Secondly, if 2020 was the year of […]

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Career coaching are you feeling the anxiety

Career Coaching: Are You Feeling The Anxiety?

Career Coaching: Are You Feeling The Anxiety? Clients who are competent, compassionate and all-around brilliant are showing up with high anxiety right now. Are you feeling it too? I know I am.  When I look at our situation, there are very real reasons to feel fear. And most of them are invisible. Big, big changes are happening […]

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career coaching how to write a book

How To Write A Book

Career Coaching: How To Write A Book. I have just discovered why it is that not many people write a book. I spent a week squirrelled away, trying to squish 105,000 words into something book-shaped for my editor. Do you want to know what helps to navigate the bigger commitments we make in life? Whilst […]

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career coaching foundation stones

Career Coaching: Foundation Stones

Career Coaching: Foundation Stones. Are you clearing the way right now? Are you finding that you are jettisoning the things, actions and people that do not serve you? And more importantly, do you know why you are doing so, now? If 2020 was the year of awakening. 2021 is the year of actioning what we learned. . This […]

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Career coaching what have you learned

Career Coaching: What Have You Learned? 

Career Coaching: What have you learned during life in the time of Covid? We are going through one of THE most transformative times in history. NEVER has the whole world been brought to a halt simultaneously. These have been tough times, lives and liberties lost. I also believe this has been a time full of gifts […]

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Career Coaching tell me why I don't like Mondays

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays 

Career Coaching: Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays. When I ask “Do you dread Monday morning?” I don’t mean do you just resent leaving the fun of the weekend behind you? What I’m asking is this: Do you begin to dread the work week starting from Saturday afternoon onwards? Do you get that sinking […]

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Career coaching what do you o

What Do You Do? 

Career Coaching: What Do You Do? Yesterday I was asked this question and my answer was this: “In my career coaching, I lead people astray – off the beaten path and home to themselves and the professional person they were born to be.” And then, on a strategic level, I bring the knowledge that wielding the […]

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Career Coaching: Who will you NOT let down?

Career Coaching: Who will you NOT let down?

Career Coaching: Who will you NOT let down? So, there are only two ways I know of doing a scary thing. One is to decide you’re going to do it and two is to tell people you’re going to do it…. then, you have to show up! I have discovered that I WILL let myself down, […]

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career coaching growth

Career Coaching: Growth 

Career Coaching: Growth. “If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing,” says my business coach, and I know he’s right. Calvin Coolidge says, “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work“ Saturday, (yes, the bank holiday weekend!) I decided I was going to bite the bullet and […]

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Career Coaching: Reflection

The Power of Reflection

Career Coaching: Reflection. How often do you take time to reflect before making a decision? I only ask this because yesterday I found I had got myself into a bit of a pickle. This is because I had not walked my own talk! There is a five-year business vision rolling out before me, that involves […]

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